NC State Representative Visits TMSA

NC State Representative Julie von Haefen Visits TMSA
Posted on 05/11/2022
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North Carolina Representative Julie von Heafen visited Triangle Math and Science Academy today to learn more about TMSA on National Charter School Week.

“It is a school I heard a lot about. I am really glad to be able to see it in person,” said Representative von Haefen. “You guys are lucky that you have such a great school.”

Jay Matthews Challenge Index, formerly known as Washington Post's The Challenge Index, has recently ranked Triangle among the top 300 most challenging high schools in America's 22,000 high schools. TMSA is currently replicating Triangle in a state-of-the-art new campus in Apex that will start as a K-5 school in August.

Representative von Haefen toured the school with TMSA Board Vice President Marwa Cayli, Superintendent Ben Karaduman, Deputy Superintendent Eray Idil, Principal John Kara, and two of Triangle’s Student Ambassadors, Courtney McCloughan and Meenakshi Nair.

“We are so glad to have her,” said Vice President Cayli. “As a mother of three, she is all for education supporting good causes. It was a pleasure to show her our school talk about our teachers and education.”

Courtney and Meenakshi talked about TMSA’s rigorous curriculum and award-winning programs, Project Lead The Way (PLTW), Leader in Me (LiM), and Advanced Placement (AP), along with extracurricular activities ranging from Multicultural Festival to Robotics, from Athletics to HOSA and DECA. About their future plans, Courtney said she will attend the Naval Academy next year, and Meenakshi, a junior and DECA member, will pursue a career in business and entrepreneurship.

Representative von Haefen was also debriefed about TMSA’s ongoing Apex Campus Project. “I appreciate what charter schools do. I think they have a role,” she said after the presentation. “I am really happy to hear that [The Apex Campus] is gonna open opportunities for more students. I think it is gonna be fantastic.”

We want to thank Representative von Haefen again for the opportunity to share our story with her!