Carpool Procedures

Carpool Updates 2021-2022

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to make improvements to our carpool procedures. Safety is our first concern. We are working to make carpool as safe and efficient as possible.  Below are some important updates and reminders: 

AM Drop Off:

  • Please do not let your child(ren) out of your car until an adult is present.
  • Right side of the island: students should exit to the island from the left lane; cars in the right lane should exit to the front sidewalk.
  • Students should not be crossing over in front of cars unless an adult is present.
  • Students to the left of the island are older (MS/HS) and can exit their cars alone, but need to be very cautious when crossing to the island.
  • Pull up as close to the car in front of you as possible to allow more cars in the drop off area. We stop all cars at once while students exit vehicles, and then move the cars altogether once students have cleared the area.
  • All students on the island should cross at the crosswalk only.
  • Temperature checks will now be taken after students exit their vehicle. If there is a fever of 100 or more, parents will be phoned to return for their child. 

PM Pick Up:

  • 4-5 grades will not be out for pick up until after 3:00.
  • Grades 6-12 bell rings at 3:15, but buses do not leave until 3:25.
  • No cars can move until buses depart; it is better to arrive after 3:35 to avoid sitting in line.
  • K-5 students will be sent to the front of the school at 3:30 so parents can loop around to the front.
  • All students going to the island for pick up should use the crosswalk.
  • Elementary students MUST be picked up by 3:45 or they will be considered late and start incurring a late fee. Middle and High School students must be picked up by 4:00 pm or they will be considered late and start incurring a late fee.


2nd Dismissal Sign-Up for 6-12 Students:


We will open a 2nd dismissal for grades 6-12 (NO ELEMENTARY STUDENTS) at 3:45 pm. Students in this group will wait in the auditorium until 3:45 pm. Here is the link to sign up (first 175 students only)  

2nd Dismissal Sign-Up 

TIMELINE - Please do not arrive on campus in the afternoon for carpool until your designated time in order to prevent cars from backing up into the street.




2:45 - ONLY grades K-3 can be picked up. If you have students other than K-3, please wait until your designated time for pick up - Use the RED loop.

3:00 - All elementary students may be picked up. If you also have middle and/or high school students, please wait until 3:15 to arrive on campus. Use the RED loop.

3:15 - Anyone with elementary AND middle or high school students may arrive on campus. Please pick up the elementary students in the back parking lot, at the playground, and continue to the front to pick up the remaining students. Use the YELLOW  loop.

3:30 - Middle school and High school only. Use the BLUE loop.

3:45 - Late dismissal may arrive on campus (available only for middle and high school students) Use the BLUE loop.