Say Something

Our Goal

Triangle Math and Science Academy believes that all children should feel safe, healthy, and comfortable while at school. We strive to maintain a positive learning environment where students:

  • Never experience or anticipate physical or verbal abuse
  • Feel supported by their peers and teachers who encourage them to make positive choices
  • Are able to concentrate on their learning and other personal growth opportunities

See something; Say something!

Resources to Support Students

Many resources exist to support students who are experiencing bullying or harassment.  Resources that students or parents can access include:

  • Our School Social Worker, Mrs. Mathis, is available. Students or parents may need her help in knowing how to address an issue.  You can access your counselor by email or by calling the school to request an appointment.
  • Your dean is available if you would like to report an issue. You can access your administrator by email or by visiting the front office and asking to talk to your administrator.
  • School Resource Officer (SRO). The Cary Police Department provides an SRO to our school. Administration can assist if you require their contact info.
  • Report an issue anonymously via our school website.