Enrollment Q&A

Q: My child was accepted, what does that mean for the sibling?
A: Once you complete the enrollment process for the accepted student then the sibling will move up the waiting list. There is no guarantee that they will receive a seat.

Q: What are the chances of the siblings getting in?
A: It depends on how many siblings we already have on the waiting list and if a current student decides to withdraw.

Q: I have accepted the seat for my child, please advise what is the process now to complete the registration and what are the documents requested? 
A: After accepting the seat the next step is registration. You will receive an email with directions on how to complete the registration process. The email will have a unique access code to allow you to complete registration online by following the directions in the letter.

The first round of registration must be complete by March 7th, 2022 in order to retain your seat.

Q: How often is the waitlist updated? 
A: The waiting list will not be updated on our website. To check your status you can use the link provided in the  “2022-2023 Lottery Results” email. When there is movement in the waiting list you will receive an email letting you know. 

Q: How do we sign up for the bus?  Is my child guaranteed a spot on the bus?
A: Bus Sign-Up will take place in May. Your child is not guaranteed a spot on the bus.  The current TMSA students will have priority.

Q: Bus Transportation cost per student? Will it change for next year? 
A: The bus cost was $1000 per child for 2021-2022, but will increase for 2022-2023. The amount has not been decided at this time.

Q: Will there be a bus that goes from Cary to Apex and vice versa?
A: Yes there will be bus transportation from both campuses.

Q: How do you know that my accepted child has a sibling?  Do we need to conform with anyone?
A: In your application you noted the sibling that was applying and their grade level. You do not need to inform anyone unless you did not include them in the application.

Q: Can we have a tour?
A: Please contact us.

Q: Can we talk to someone who handles IEPS and 504s before making our decision?
A: Please email Eboni Maynard ([email protected])

Q: If we accept a seat at your school, will our applications be removed from other charter and magnet schools?
A: No

Q: If we accept a seat at your school, will you notify our current school and when?
A: Yes, we will send a record request in late Spring

If you still have questions, please email:
[email protected] for Triangle Math and Science Academy.

Please note that this Q&A is for Triangle. If you have questions about TMSA Apex (The Math and Science Academy of Apex) please email:
[email protected]