TMSA's 2020 Acorn Hunt

TMSA's 2020 Acorn Hunt
Posted on 10/08/2020
Acorn Hunt SmallHello all TMSA families,

I was sitting outside with my family the other night and it hit me, literally. As I sat there by the fire pit, an acorn fell from the tree above and landed dead center on the top of my head. This was no ordinary acorn, let me tell you. It was the biggest acorn I had ever seen! Well, being a competitive family, everyone started looking around to see if they could find a bigger one and we found some whoppers that would turn some critters green with envy. This led me to the idea - let’s make this a competition that all TMSA families could compete in. Here are the basic rules:

The acorns must be found by your family. No going onto the internet or making a trip to Michael’s to get giant acorns.

No chopping down trees to get acorns. I wouldn’t suggest climbing them either, as the big ones are usually way at the top.

You must remove the cap from all 10 acorns. Anyone submitting acorns with caps on will be disqualified and your acorns will be fed to the local squirrels.

Other than removing the caps, you may not alter the acorns in any way. We have some very creative students at TMSA, but your acorns must be the way nature made them. No filling them with lead or soaking them in water. No making fake acorns out of concrete and painting them to look real, either! The judges are acorn experts and will know!

Only 1 entry is allowed per family. Bags turned in with more than 10 acorns will be disqualified. It is fine to have less, but not more. If you are submitting invisible acorns, you are allowed to stuff as many as you want into the bag.

Make sure your entry is in a clear zipped up bag. Put your name on a sheet of paper inside the bag. We are not responsible if you don’t zip your bag closed and your acorns spill out. These acorns will be used for an epic acorn battle with my son at a later date.

The due date for turning in your acorns is Friday, October 30th, 2020 by 4:00 pm. There will be a collection box in front of the school. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you are currently out of town, you can mail your acorns to the school, attn: Mr. Scranton, but they must arrive on or before October 30th.

All 10 acorns will be weighed together. The winners will be the 3 families with the largest gross weight of all 10 acorns combined. No, we will not weigh the bag, so it is not to your advantage to turn in a bag big enough to hold an elephant. 1 small bag is fine. Ties will be decided by a random drawing. Winners will receive a Family Movie Night gift bag full of goodies.

Take some pictures during your adventures with your family. We want to create a digital scrapbook, so tag this event on social media using the hashtag #tmsaacornhunt2020.

Have fun and get outside as a family!

Have fun y'all and good luck!

Mr. Scranton