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Date Speaker Background TMSA Talks Topic Link
4-Oct-16 Maria Thompson State Chief Risk Officer, NC Dept. of IT National Cyber Security Awareness Briefing https://goo.gl/InexRV
11-Nov-16 Dhvani Bhatia TedX Raleigh Speaker, Freshman UNC Chapel Hill The Power of the Word “NO” https://goo.gl/0i4Trr
5-Dec-16 Barbara Collins and Anita Punj Director , Deptt. of Special Initiatives, Duke University Philanthropic Values and Leadership Skills https://goo.gl/Pe78kM
23-Jan-17 Ms. Renee Croteau Program Associate, The Engineering Place, NCSU Engineering Careers and Summer Camps https://goo.gl/jXxeZj
6-Feb-17 Ibanca Anand Double Honors Senior Candidate , Duke University Innovation and Entrepreneurship https://goo.gl/bonMNe
24-Mar-17 Ashwin Punj Senior at Enloe High School , Joining UNC Chapel Hill Declassifying High School and The Art of Winning https://goo.gl/E6DxTT 
5-Apr-17 Kyla Walters PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Chasing Curiosity: The Academic Life  https://goo.gl/7W7au8
5-May-17 Dr. Sumitha Ahmed  Resident , School of Dentistry, UNC Chapel Hill  'Quitting: Not on the menu!'  https://goo.gl/9q9tLl
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