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TMSA Celebrates NC Testing Results

The North Carolina State Board of Education recently released the new school grading system for all NC public schools.  We are very proud to announce that TMSA received a grade of ‘A’ for excellent performance on state-mandated exams for the 2013-2014 school year.  Only 14 of the 125 charter schools, and only 132 of the 2,570 traditional schools received the grade of ‘A’, placing TMSA in the top 5% of school scores statewide. While this is certainly reason to celebrate, it also serves as a reminder that TMSA is committed to continuous school improvement, and that we strive to meet the needs of all of our students to help ensure student success.



Here are some amazing statistics:

  • TMSA is one of 9 NC charter schools which received an A performance grade and exceeded expected growth.
  • We are one of 6 charter schools in the state to receive an A performance grade in reading.
  • In North Carolina, only 14 charter schools received an A rating.
  • In Wake County, only 16 schools received A, and only 9 schools received an A in reading.
  • Within a 5 miles radius of our school, no middle school and only one elementary school received an A rating.
  • Our combined scores show an increase from the previous school year- 72% to 85%.
  • The percentage of charter schools that received the “A” performance grade was more than double that of the district schools – 11.2% (charter) and 5.1% (district).
  • The percentage of charter schools with either an “A” or “B” rating is several points higher than district schools, with charters at nearly 41% and district schools at nearly 29%.  
  • If you compare reading and math grades between charter schools and district schools, charter schools are performing significantly better in reading than district schools – 50% As and Bs (charter) and 21.2% As and Bs (district). 


Congratulations to our hardworking staff whose tireless efforts on behalf of our students provided this outcome.  Congratulations to the students as well, for their outstanding achievement.




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