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Whee Turn The Page!

TMSA has announced the first set of winners for our new reading program, “Whee Turn The Page!” for grades 4-6. For the month of March, our 4th place winner was Sheridan; who read five books, and received a $10 gift card. The 3rd place winner was Danya; who read five books, and received a $20 gift card. In 2nd place, was Manuela; who read nine books, and received a $30 gift card. Our 1st place winner, who read THIRTEEN books, was Dalia, and she received a $40 gift card. Congratulations to our top four readers in March! We are proud of all the students who have been participating in this competition, and would like to congratulate them as well, for their hard work. The April race is on, and we’re looking forward to see what kind of reading records we can break this month!

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