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Pi Day

For most people, March 14 is just another day but for TMSA students, the day is a day to celebrate one of the most important numbers in all of mathematics: Pi. 

Students participated in a few activities related to Pi Day.  

The activities were as follows:

Pi Poster Contest-  The students designed pi related posters. 1st place received a $20 Target gift card and 2nd place received a $10 Target gift card. 


Pie Eating Contest- One student from each class (4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B) participated in a pie eating contest. They had 2 minutes to eat as many pies as they can. The winner, Zachary H. received a $20 Target gift card.  


Pie Throwing- Ms. Matal has volunteered to have pies thrown at her face by students!!  


Pi Quiz Bowl- A few students from each class competed against each other answering Pi related questions.  


Pi Videos- Students watched some Pi related videos.



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