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TMSA Science Fair Finalists

We would like to announce TMSA’s Science Fair 30 winning projects along with the students’ names. These projects will be competing against each other in the TMSA Science Fair that will be held in NC State University David Clark Labs on January 5th , 2013.  


Please see the 30 winning projects below.


Student Name

Science Fair Project Topic

Kobe E.

What are home remedies for Kidney Stones?

Sarah D.

How does a child’s development affect what they see?

Samiha A.

Which antibacterial soap brands are most affective?

Darshan R.

How can scientists predict earthquakes?

Logan H.

When do children stop liking their parents and teachers?

Maluela U.

How do different materials affect fermentation rate?

Eesha D.

Which materials make the most effective dam?

Forrest L.

How does playing video games affect a person’s pain threshold?

Ranjan Tummala K.

What affects the rate of water evaporation?

Elias G.

Which laminates are stronger?

Isabella A.

How does exercise affect blood pressure?

Sahana D.

Is Stevia safe for diabetes?

Ritvik N.

Can an acid and base erupt higher than diet coke and mentos?

Lilly K.

How does thickness of lead effect the sound produced by a matchbox microphone?

Aryan D.

How can scientists create a magnetic field using electricity?

Tau K.

How can scientists build hovercrafts?

Jason N.

What chemical reaction created the largest eruption in a volcano?

Sarah S.

Which soda brands create a higher eruption when mixed with mentos?

Sueda Nur I.

To Determine the Acidity of Various Drinks

Alec L.

Fight Bacteria with Garlic

Corwin T.

Fish Smart

Rishika  G.

Which Cooking method Results least loos of vitamin C

Aiden K.

Origami is Math

Srisheel G.

Greenhouses Gases Effect on Global Warming

Ingrid C.

How does Music Affect Plat Growth

Ethan G.

How does size Affect People's  Opinion of Pictures?

Hrithik M.

Solar Test Track

Bram L.

Fins; What Type Works Best?

Nishant G.

Storing, Circulating and Purification of Water

Nikita F.

Focusing Light


Isa Pamuk

Science and PE Teacher 4-6

Science Olympiad Head Coach

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