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PE Classes

Dear  Tigers!!!

We have been working hard in P.E throughout the year.

In P.E class we are playing games that help the kids build their physicals and social skills as well as having a good time.


These weeks they were learning and playing bowling, hopscotch, bean bag toss, throwing and catching, twister and adapted basketball. All these games and sports involve every part of our body. Each of these games combines motor and social skills, and cognitive development. This means that we are not leaving anything behind and as a teacher my purpose is to give them a complete education.

One of the games that integrate motor skills, social skills and cognitive development is the HOPSCOTCH. It is also fun, easy to play and full of benefits as:


Hopping on one foot is one of the most complex movements the human body can perform. For children, hopping signals sophisticated advances in physical coordination, balance, and cognitive development. It's those exact same pathways which will one day become the conduits for left/right brain thinking tasks such as creativity, reasoning, and self-regulation.


 The thing about hop-hop-hopping is that in order to get good at it, you've got to get into a regular rhythm. Hopscotch gives kids lots of hopping practice, of course, which helps them find their rhythm. But more, the rules of the game require you to stop hopping, do something else, then start again. And that's the best practice of all for developing rhythm.


Once children have tackled hopping, leaping comes next, which is also a big part of Hopscotch. As the game progresses, it's often necessary for children to leap over two or more spaces at one time. Two-footed, that's hard. But Hopscotch requires a one-footed leap, and that takes a lot of strength.

4. A typical turn in Hopscotch looks something like this:  Throw... stand... hop... stop... bend... pick up... straighten up... leap... jump... hop... hop…land... turn... and repeat. Now do most of that on one foot and that's a real test of balance!

Balance is an essential building block to all physical movement, and cognitive, emotional, and social growth as well.


Hopscotch is a great "social campfire" for children. The simple, repetitive rules make it easy for children to learn and play and stay engaged in the game when it's not their turn.


 When light-hearted competition is introduced into play time, kids naturally push themselves to be better. No one needs to stand on the sidelines encouraging them. The natural, human drive to succeed is all the incentive they need to try harder.  “Winning feels great but losing builds character”.

For these and more benefits LEST PLAY WITH OUR KIDS!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Escobar





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