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Math Olympiad in First Semester




Math Olympiad in First Semester

Math Olympiad is going perfect. Although we just started to middle school this year, we have been learning many things in math.

First of all, we had bunch of math contests: Noetic Math Contest, Mathnasium TriMathlon Contest, American Math Competitions (AMC8), Continental Math League, and so on. We have got very good results from them which are better than expectation. We will also have that much contests in second semester.


Second, we were coming together at the school and sometimes at one of us home to train for upcoming events and to build team spirit. Going to people`s houses and studying was very fun and we could get to know them better. “Math Olympiad is a great and interesting academic club where you learn to solve problems that are above your grade level. It is also a place where you can participate in many competitions and great experience challenging activities.”

We have been increasing our math skills in Math Olympiad and would like to learn more thingsJ.   

By Shalini Subramanian 6A




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