From the Office of Mrs. Wood

From the Office of Mrs. Wood:

Students should be wearing their ID cards, everyday.  I am aware there are some students that have lost their ID or the ID has been damaged.  To order another ID card, please send in $5.  The money should be in an envelope, labeled with your child’s name and what the money is for.  Have your child drop off the payment to me at the front office.  It could take one day to one week to get a new one.


Label, Label, Label:  Jackets, lunch boxes, hats, water bottles – and anything else you do not want them to lose.

Mark your calendar – the 2nd Friday of every month is Good Conduct Dress Down Day!  The kids love being able to dress down – don’t forget J

After-school care payments can now be paid ‘on the spot’.  When picking up your child at after-school, you will be given a payment slip.  You can choose to pay then or send in your payment to me.  When sending in payment, please put it in an envelope labeled with the student’s name and ‘after-school’ written on the front.