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Success in Chess

Eleven children from the Friday after-school chess club at TMSA participated in a Team vs. Team tournament on Sunday, December 9 in Cary.  This was the club’s first time participating in a team chess competition.  After 33 hard-fought matches, all 3 TMSA teams emerged victorious! 

TMSA Team#1 composed of Ethan He, Darshan Raj, Forrest Liu, and Tejas Raj, placed 2nd in their very competitive section.   Darshan and Forrest deserve special recognition for winning 2 out of 3 matches each.  TMSA Team#2 composed of Ritvik Nalamothu, Shalini Subramanian, and Hadley Blalock, placed 1st in their section.  This was especially impressive because they were short one player all afternoon due to an unexpected illness.  Their 1st place finish was propelled by Ritvik and Shalini, who went undefeated all afternoon.    TMSA Team#3 composed of Ethan Kim, Ayden Mayer, Ananyaa Sundar, and Naim Bell, placed 2nd in their section.  Special recognition goes to Ananyaa and Naim, who won all 3 games. The team went home with 3 trophies for the school, individual medals, and big smiles.

Not only did all of the children play fabulously on Sunday, they also took extra effort to record chess notation during their matches.  This is a new skill that the children learned during the semester and it set them apart from most of the other children at the tournament.  With their success at this team tournament, TMSA is now well-positioned to compete at the Wake County Championships on Sunday, February 10.


Prakash Bhave

Chess Coach


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