Noetic Learning Math Contest Results

Noetic Learning Math Contest Results


On November 1, 80 students from Triangle Math and Science Academy led by Mr. Yigit and Mrs. Tyndall competed in Noetic Learning Math Contest.


Noetic Learning Math Contest is an elementary math problem solving contest held twice a year. 11,989 young students representing 621 teams across 34 states participated in this fall contest. 



The following students are the winners of their teams.

Nikita Filenko (6th Grade) – Sheridan Charles (5th Grade)                                  

 Cassie Mosley (4th Grade) – Alex Liu (3rd Grade)


The following students won the National Honor Roll title. This title is only award to the top 10% of participating students in the country.

Nikita Filenko – Bram Lovelace – Hadley (6th Grade)

Sheridan Charles – Forrest Liu – Manuela Uppalapati – Jonathan Hayden – Somya Pandey (5th Grade)

Cassie Mosley – Aneesh Sreedhara – Jake Park-Walters – Eiha Patnaik – Elias Guedira – Adam Pohlman – Ritvik Nalamothu (4th Grade)

Alex Liu – Vibhu Pavuluri – Nitin Chinthapalli – Armaan Punj (3rd Grade) 


Those students who got 1st place for each grade will get the certificate from their principal.

The purpose of participating in the contest is to stimulate our students’ interest in math and to inspire them to excel in math.

The contest results show that our students can rise to the occasion and can meet the challenge. It also demonstrates our students’ great math skills and talents.

It is COOL to be good at math!

More detailed information about the Noetic Learning Math Contest can be found at: