First Grade Field Trip

During the Fall season, 2nd graders well able to participate in a number of activities. The second graders joined first graders on their first field trip to Hill Ridge Farm.

The students participated in a number of activities including going through a maze, sliding down a big slide, playing in a corn kettle play area, riding on a hay ride, and picking a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

The students really enjoyed themselves on their very first field trip of the year and they can’t wait until they can go on another one. Another activity second graders were allowed to do was have a Pumpkin Party! Ms. Street’s class hosted a Pumpkin Party which included various pumpkin themed activities. Students painted pumpkins, as well as played pumpkin games such as “pumpkin wrap race”. The students were very excited to host this party! Next event for second graders is the K-3 Fall Festival which all Kindergarten through third graders will be a part of! 

A kindergartener wearing the mask she created in class! 

Ms. Street's class during her pumpkin party, students were participating in a pumpkin wrap race! 

Tmsa students enjoying the maze on the field trip to the farm!

Tmsa students enjoying the pumpkin patch on their field trip!

Shanta Street