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School Wide Solar Panel Car Race!!

Dear TMSA Parents,


6th grade students learned about renewable energy sources, energy saving tips and energy conversion this past quarter. They understood all these skills and they even debated in class about which energy source is the most efficient, and they even made a groups presentation for 2nd and 3rd grade students with demonstrations.

Lastly, they built a solar panel car in class under teacher supervision and raced them against each other. That was an example of energy conversion. They did a marvelous job with this project as well. We decided that the winner of this school wide competition will go to the Energy Whiz Olympics, which takes place in Orlando in May, and the second place winner will go to Virginia to participate  in another Energy Whiz Olympics. All team members also will get a chance to  compete in the local  Solar Panel Car Race which will be held in the Science House in NC State University’s campus. You may see the images and videos along with a newsletter article! Thank you 6th graders.


P.S. Our next subject will be the Solar System. We will take a picture of our class with a TMSA Logo and will send it  out with a balloon to space where Felix Baumgartner ( the guy who jumped from the edge of space) jumped from

 The pictures and videos are coming!





Isa Pamuk

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