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Upcoming Events!

            We have the AMC8 coming up very soon. All the students in math Olympiad are very excited. Also an academic picnic is planned for all the members in the academic team. The math Olympiad is able to join the NCMC contest. Join us at the picnic on October 13th and the NCMC contest!


Worksheets, Warm-ups, and Meetings!

We have been doing many worksheets related to testing your skills and things to be improved on. We also have been doing many fun warm-ups to get us ready for tests and competitions. The 6th graders have meetings on every Saturday and we enjoy it. It’s really awesome because we get to wear causal clothes and have tons of fun! Attending these completions, we might get certificates, medals, and may even get trophies!  Math Olympiad is fun, amazing and awesome!

Shalini Subramanian    ~~ 6/A~~


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