My Special Number Project!

My Special Number Project!

   Recently, what we have been doing is pretty exciting. We have just finished the special number project.

Basically, a special number project is choosing your special number and writing math and fun facts about your number. We had a lot of fun and some are hanging inside Mr. Yigit's class room. You should check them out!


Activities, Puzzles, and Tests!

     Mr. Yigit's math class has been doing many fun activities. Some are the factor game, the product puzzle, word searches, and the string of factors. During the beginning of the school year, we did some interesting but hard Sudoku puzzles. We also did some word puzzles and short and easy quizzes. Most of all, we had a few tests but they were pretty easy. Sometimes we also played Make 24 during the last 5 minutes of class. We also just finished Prime Time and we are on our second book; Bits and Pieces.  Math class is pretty awesome!

Shalini Subramanian    ~~ 6/A~~