From the Office of Mrs. Wood


Things are running smoother every day, here in the office!  And a big thank you goes out to you parents for all your involvement.  You do not know how much you are appreciated!

I want to remind you that your child needs to be wearing their ID every day.

  The students that do not have theirs  yet, they will be coming.  Students that are newly enrolled, there will be a scheduled day to make IDs for them.  We will inform you, when we have a date.

Lunchtime:  If you wish to purchase a lunch from the caterer, you must order from them, at least 3 days in advance.  All info regarding ordering a lunch is on our website.  Please remember that if your child forgets their lunch, we cannot guarantee there will be extra lunches left.  Also, when packing your child’s lunch, please remember to pack utensils and napkins. 

Lost and Found:  We have accumulated lots of clothes, water bottles and lunch bags!  The last Friday of every month the Lost and Found pile will be donated (with the exception of the TMSA clothing).  Please remind your child to look for missing items in the Lost and Found area.  And label all articles of clothing.  One more thing, please check your child’s TMSA jackets to make sure they have their own.  There are quite a few articles of clothing with the embroidered TMSA logo on it – and no name. 

When sending in money, whether it is for lunch, materials fee, afterschool care, etc. please put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it and the reason for the payment. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!