Hot Lunch Policies by Vendor


Please see the policies below from our hot lunch vendor Bella Bravo Catering

Refunds: Monetary refunds will only be given to families in the instance the child officially unenrolls from the school. In order to receive a refund in this situation, please send a written request to Bella Bravo Catering with child’s name(s), school name, last day of enrollment, and where to send the refund.

All other refunds will be in the form of a credit on parent accounts. Credits do not expire from year to year, however they are “use them or loose them”.  Credits will not be turned into monetary refunds in the event Bella Bravo Catering is no longer your school’s lunch vendor.                                                                                                        


Absences: Unfortunately, Bella Bravo Catering does not credit lunches missed by your child due to sudden absences. However, if you have lunches ordered on days you know your child will be absent; a credit to your account will be applied if you give 48 hours notice of the absence. Please send notice of absence directly to Bella Bravo Catering.


On-Site Lunch Purchasing: Advance ordering of lunches is strongly encouraged to help maintain the integrity of your school’s lunch program. Bella Bravo Catering will deliver a limited number of extra lunches (not to exceed 5) to the school daily. The price will be fixed at $4.00 and will include an entrée and 2 sides. The selection of food items available may vary and your child’s choice of items may be limited to what’s available. Extra lunches will be served on a “first come, first served” basis, therefore Bella Bravo Catering cannot guarantee the availability of lunches that are not ordered in advance.


Forgotten Lunches:  Please see “On-Site Lunch Purchasing” policy for availability of catered lunches in the event your child does not have a packed lunch. Bella Bravo Catering will serve your child only with your permission and acknowledgement of cost. The school will attempt to contact you in advance for this permission.