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From the Desk of Mr. Yasar

Dear Parents,

Recently, we have finalized clubs/ tutoring assignments. By increasing the number of spots in each club and adding new clubs, we have enrolled more students in our after school activities given the priority to those who haven’t been placed in any clubs. Currently, there are some spots available in Jewelry Design on Tuesday and in our new club addition- Cupcake Decoration on Thursdays. If you are interested in switching a club, we will consider the request in the following week given space availability.


Students were given their latest after school schedule on Friday. In the schedule, if a tutoring session is listed as a choice that is because you have chosen tutoring as a preference in the survey but that does not mean  your child has to attend that tutoring session.  If there is a blank in the schedule a student from K-3 grades can go to tutoring if the homeroom teacher tutors that day. Students from 4-6 grades can go to any of their teachers on the assigned days.

Curriculum night is scheduled for this Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. We would like to invite all parents.  During the curriculum night, you will follow your child’s schedule to get more information on the curriculum, books, assignments, grading, and any other information relevant to that specific subject or class. We will have 9 minutes periods and 3 minute breaks for class changes. You will be following your child’s Tuesday schedule. If there is any teacher that you would like to speak with and if your child does not have that teacher on Tuesdays, please feel free to stop by when you see those teachers are available. Parents should arrive at the school a couple minutes early so you can find your child’s first class. We will have extra copies of student schedules available to pick up at the entrances. If you have a copy of the schedule, you can report directly to your child’s first period class when you arrive.


At TMSA, we will be using Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), as a benchmark. MAP is a computer based adaptive test for K-12 students. Students will be solving a series of questions in math and reading where the questions get harder or easier if the answer for the previous one was correct or not. The test determines student’s level in each subject and for each NC standard. We will have MAP testing multiple times throughout the year to monitor the growth and create plans to better help students. First MAP testing for K-6 grade was scheduled for next week but due to technical requirement by NWEA it is scheduled for September 27.  Students will be taking math and reading on different days and they will spend up to two hours for each in the computer lap.

Mr. Yasar,



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