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Dr. Gary Lebby

Dear TMSA family,

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Dr. Gary Lebby, one of our founding board members, passed away on Thursday morning, September 28, 2017.

Dr. Lebby was instrumental in the establishment of TMSA and its progress. He was a founding Member of the Board for Charter Schools, the Triad Math and Science Academy

(Greensboro) and Triangle Math and Science Academy (Cary, NC). His service to all of our schools will live on in our memories, and he will not be forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his beloved family.  His full obituary may be found at


TMSA Administration and School Board Members- Kenan Gundogdu, Carlton Cammon, Ali Tombak, Liz Ferm, Ilknur Kaynor-Kabul, and Mustafa Atay

Bulletin Boards Picture Voting



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TMSA 9/11 Remembrance Event

On September 11th, the entire staff and student body honored Patriot's Day in a wreath laying ceremony at the foot of the US flag.  The ceremony, which commemorated the 16th anniversary of 9/11, was attended by local firefighters from the Cary Fire Department.  In addition, it included a moment of silence and the playing of the National Anthem by school band director, Mr. Carpenter. The wreath, which was designed and created by TMSA High School student council, was placed at the foot of the flagpole by Principal, Mr. Kara.​

After School Care and Clubs

TMSA will be offering several after school clubs this year.  Below you will find a list of the vendors and the days that the club will meet.  For your convenience the flyers have also been attached for registration purposes.  If a flyer is missing, please check back soon for updates.  If you have any questions please contact Ms. Smiley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-388-0077 ext. 138.  

After School Care and Clubs for 2017-2018
YMCA After school provider Every day after school Click for brochure
German Club 6th Grade and Up Mondays Click for brochure
Little Medical School Tuesdays Click for brochure
Bricks for Kidz Tuesdays Click for brochure
Master Chang’s Martial Arts Tuesdays Click for brochure
Board Game Club for 6th-11th Grade Tuesdays Click for brochure
Mindful Yoga Wednesdays Click for brochure   Brochure 2
Chess Club Wednesdays Click for brochure
IMACS (3 levels) Wednesdays Click for brochure
IMACS (1 level) Thursdays Click for brochure
Mad Science Thursdays Click for brochure
German Club 1st-5th Grade Thursdays  Click for brochure
TGA Tennis Fridays  Click for brochure
TGA Golf Fridays  Click for brochure
Art Club Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays based on enrollment  Click for brochure

Winter Dress Code Policy:

Winter Dress Code Policy:

In the current student handbook it states that students may not wear outerwear and jackets in the classroom; however, TMSA does allow some exceptions to this during the cooler months. Our policy is to allow students to wear fleece jackets from our vendors in the classrooms as long as they are in our school colors and have the TMSA logo. School colors for fleece jackets include navy for K-10, with additional colors of red, white, gray, and hunter green for high school students only. We will also allow students to wear solid navy blue jackets and sweaters without the TMSA logo during the months of November through March, as long as they do not have a hood and other name brand logos or designs showing.

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57 students from Triangle Math and Science Academy and Triad Math and Science Academy attended a four-day engineering camp at North Carolina State University. During this camp, students toured facilities and collaborated with their peers to complete engineering challenges. The camp, which ran from June 10th through June 13th, focused on developing student understanding of what engineering is and what the responsibilities are of engineers. Students constructed marshmallow catapults, LED flashlights, egg nests, and wind turbines as part of collaborative engineering challenges designed to help students explore the engineering design process. Facilities tours also exposed students to disciplines within engineering. Students toured the Constructed Facilities Lab to learn more about civil engineering and also were able to tour the Textiles and Physics labs.

Author Prof. Cat Warren and Holocaust Survivor Abe Piasek visited TMSA

On Nov. 18, 2016, we welcomed Cat Warren, professor at NC State and of What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World. 9th and 10 graders gathered in the auditorium to watch her presentation on the science and training involved in her work with Solo, a cadaver dog. She also raffled off 20 signed copies of her book to students.

Holocaust survivor, Abe Piasek, visited TMSA on Jan. 25, 2017. He spoke with 9th and 10th graders about his experiences growing up, being taken to concentration camps, being liberated by Allied forces, and emigrating to the United States. His visit was facilitated by the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust.

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TMSA continues to have great results in robotics competitions!

"Saturday May 21st, 2017 TMSA successfully hosted our 4th Annual SumoBot Invitational Competition. Teams of students from all acros NC traveled to participate in this event. All teams competed with grate P.R.I.D.E. At the end of the day teams from TMSA brought home top three prices.

Coming in 5th place, Coming in third place, representing TMSA Robotics, was Michael Ansari (8th grade). Coming in second place, representing TMSA Robotics was Phoenix Fire formed by Shadrak Frasier (6th grade) and Brandon Peart (7th grade). First place and SumoBot champion was The Circuit Runners with TMSA students Afzaa Rahman (7th grade).

Congratulation to all the winners and all TMSA Robotics classes. TMSA Admin and robotics coaches would like to thank everyone who volunteered and came out to support us!"

Triangle Math and Science Academy (92T000)


Read to Achieve Grade 3

End-of-Year Results

G.S. 115C-83.10 requires each local board of education to publish annually on a Web site maintained by that local school administrative unit and to report in writing to the State Board of Education (SBE) by September 1 of each year the following information on the prior school year:


Note: The denominator for calculating the required percentages for Rows 1, 2, and 3 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Number of Students





Demonstrated reading proficiency on the Beginning-of-Grade 3 (BOG3) ELA/Reading Test, the End-of-Grade (EOG) ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest (scored Level 3 or higher)








Did not demonstrate reading proficiency on the BOG3 ELA/Reading Test, the EOG ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest






The number and percentage of students exempt from mandatory retention in third grade for good cause. Students may be counted in this category only once.





The denominator for Row 4 is the number of students from Row 2 minus the number of students from Row 3.




The number and percentage of students who took and passed an alternative assessment approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) (i.e., Read to Achieve Test or locally determined SBE-approved alternative assessment). Students may be counted in the numerator and/or the denominator only once for this category.









The denominator for Row 5 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Total number and percentage of students retained for not demonstrating reading proficiency on third-grade standards (For 2017-18, students who are not proficient will be either: (1)retained in third grade accelerated class, (2) placed in a transition class with a retained label, or (3) placed in a fourth-grade accelerated class with a retained reading label.





The denominator for Row 6 is the number of retained students recorded in number 5.



Charter Schools Only: Charter schools must indicate the number and percentage of retained students recorded in number 5 who will not return to the charter school for the 2017-18 school year.









Note: Privacy laws dictate that for fewer than 10 students, the specific number and percentage should not be given. Therefore, if the number is less than 10 students, schools should use an asterisk (*) to represent less than 10 students and the percentage. An * indicates that the student population number and percentage is too small to report the value. The percentage and number of students are not shown if the percentage is greater than 95 percent (>95) or less than 5 percent (<5).



High School Award Ceremony

It will be at 2:30 on Tuesday, May 23rd, and parents will be notified if their child is receiving an award. Honor Roll certificates will not be handed out at this ceremony, rather mailed over the summer when GPAs are properly finalized.

Summer Reading Assignments

Summer Reading assignments will be released the week of May 30th. ELA Teachers will assign the summer work that week.

TMSA Health Policy (Updated Jan. 2017)

Below is our most recent policy concerning illnesses: 

Please Note: If your child comes to school ill or becomes ill at school and the teacher or School Nurse Aide feels your child is too sick to benefit from school or is contagious to other children, you will be called to pick him/her up from school as soon as possible.

Fever/Vomiting/ Cough: Parents and guardians should not send their child to school if he/she has had a fever within the past 24 hours (without the use of aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) or if the child has had vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours.

Strep Throat: Any student having been diagnosed with strep throat may not return to school until they have been taking an antibiotic for at least 24 hours. The classroom teacher should be notified so that the classroom can be disinfected.  

Colds/Sore Throat: Children who have a bad cold with a very runny nose or bad cough, especially if it has kept the child awake at night, should remain at home.  If your child has a sore throat that cannot be relieved with a cough drop, he/she should also remain home.

Lice/Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)/Scabies/Ringworm/Undiagnosed Rash: If a student is suspected of having any of the above, the School Nurse Aide will check the student.  If evidence is found that we feel requires medical attention, the student will be isolated and their parents will be contacted immediately for pick up.

Return Policy: Before a student having any of the above conditions of Lice/Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)/Scabies/Ringworm/Undiagnosed Rash is allowed to return, he/she must be rechecked by the School Nurse Aide or other trained staff.  The parent should make an appointment tobring the child in before school to be checked by the School Nurse Aide in the presence of their parent. If the child no longer shows symptoms of the above conditions, they can stay at school. If evidence of lice, ringworm, scabies, pink eye, or undiagnosed rash is still present, the parent must take the child home. Please note: lice must often be treated several times before it is completely eliminated.  

Classroom notification and cleaning: If a student has been found to have lice, the teacher will notify the other parents of the incident via a letter sent home. The classroom will be treated and cleaned. The other students in the classroom may be checked as well as a precaution. 


TMSA IVY Leagues Colleges trip was awesome! We all have had great time and joy during the trip.The Ivy Leagues colleges are well known for their rich history, academic rigor, long-standing traditions, and deep root alumni and student network. These schools attract students from far and wide. A tour of the Ivy League allows students to visit some of the most demanded travel destinations, such as Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA. This tour is sure to excite college bound students for its highest academically challenging institutions and exciting educational stops along the way. 

Students have had a chance to deeply learn about MIT, Harvard, YALE, Brown, Princeton and UPENN IVY League Colleges. As well as learning and visiting the IVY Leagues colleges visit, our students have had interact with College students and faculty. During East Coast IVY Leagues Colleges trip for TMSA HS Sophomores, students have also leveraged their college visit experience with evening attractions.

We are looking to forward to have next amazing journey of college visit in 2017-2018 school year.

Click on here for more info. 

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The 5th annual TMSA Spelling Bee

The 5th annual TMSA Spelling Bee was held today, Friday, January 6, 2017 at 9am in the auditorium. We had 27 students from grades K-8 participate in the spelling bee this year. After 2 ½ hours, we made it through 20 rounds, where we determined our champion: 8th grader – Karthik Ramakrishnan! We had 3 runner-ups: 5th grader – Nicholas Lenfestey, 5th grader – Sanjith Sivakumar, and 5th grader – (Naiel) El Shaddai Tuccu! I would also like to give a shout out to 2nd grader – Scott Lenfestey for competing until round 16. TMSA is proud of all of our students who participated in the TMSA Spelling Bee and all of our students who competed in their class spelling bees as well.

K-3 Spelling Bee Competitors

K (Sevilla) - Ronita Shukla  -  K (Gibbs) - Azaan Ahmad  -  K (McCarl) - Christin Zhang

1 (Tyndall) - Andrew Nam   -  1 (Ernst) - Tvisha Gosain  -  1 (Hemendinger) - Mohammad Zahid

2 (Jackson) - Siddharth Vinod  -  2 (Smith) - Scott Lenfestey  -   2 (Moonier) - Josh Hopkins

3 (Rasin) - Audrey Nam   -  3 (Hand) - Prakyhat Ketthamukala  -  3 (Lies) - Rishi Yarragunta

4-8 Spelling Bee Competitors

4 (Finch) - Eric Wu  -  4 (Finch) - Yassmine Dorhmi  -  4 (Birtel) - Alekhya Kotha

5 (Birtel) - Nicholas Lenfestey  -  5 (Finch) - Sanjith Sivakumar  -  5 (Dawson) - El Shaddai Tuccu (Naiel)

6 (Birtel) - Maliha Aamir  -  6 (Wallig) - Noah Tomczak  -  6 (Wallig) - Se'Nise Muldrow

7 (Wallig) - Pranav Konda  -  7 (Wallig) - Kasra Aliasghari  -  7 (Favreau) - Baran Narravula

8 (R. Pamuk) - Karthik Ramakrishnan  -  8 (Diaz) - Joel Biju  -  8 (Dawson) - Marwa Baali

A huge thank you to our judges – Ms. Lanham, Mrs. Warcup, and Ms. Wallig as well as to our pronouncer – Ms. Diaz!



Staff Email Directory

Coming soon..

The TMSA Elementary Science Olympiad Team celebrate participating in the Regional Cisco event Saturday, March 25th.

The TMSA Elementary Science Olympiad Team celebrate participating in the Regional Cisco event Saturday, March 25th. Results also can be found at this link 

Anton Joby Elamthuruthil, Mohamed Abdullah Abkar, Sania Bhatia, Dharana Cherukuwada, Arjun Babu, Lahari Jaligama, Arnav Gupta, Sufyan Abdul Lateef, Kavya Lamichhane, Medha Rudraraju, Ebenezer Daniel, Ashika Kamjula, Rithinteja Aechan, Aarushi Singh, Nabiha Ansari, Sena Golbasi, Tasnime Skalli, Haleema Sadiya, Vidyuth Gopalan, Yunus Gulbeden, Anna Nguyen, Smriti Sanjay, Kieran Patel, Misty Wang, Keyanna Ratnasekera

The following students received an award for his/her event:

Varsity Team:

Aarushi Singh & Ashika Kamjula:2nd place medal in Energy Transfer

Misty Wang & Medha Rudraraju: 2nd place medal in Data Crunchers

Rithinteja medal in Energy Transfer Misty Wang & Medha Rudraraju: 2nd place medal in Data Crunchers

Rithinteja Aechan & Tasnime Skalli: 2nd place medal in Genes R Us Jr.

Junior Varsity Team:

Arnav Gupta & Ebenezer Daniel: 1st place medal in Describe it, Build it & 1st place medal in Data Crunchers

Mohamed Abdullah Abkar & Haleema Sadiya: 1st place medal in Newton's Notions

Lahari Jaligama & Sania Bhatia: 1st place medal in Super Sleuths & 1st place medal in Movers & Shakers

Dharana Cherukuwada & Anna Nguyen: 2nd place medal in Genes R Us

Arjun Babu & Mohamed Abdullah Abkar: 3rd place in 3,2,1 blast-off

Haleema Sadiya: 3rd place in Animal Adaptations

Kieran Patel & Smriti Sanjay: 3rd place in rock Star

Lahari Jaligama & Sania Bhatia: 3rd place in Trajectory

Click on here for more photos



Date Speaker Background TMSA Talks Topic Link
4-Oct-16 Maria Thompson State Chief Risk Officer, NC Dept. of IT National Cyber Security Awareness Briefing
11-Nov-16 Dhvani Bhatia TedX Raleigh Speaker, Freshman UNC Chapel Hill The Power of the Word “NO”
5-Dec-16 Barbara Collins and Anita Punj Director , Deptt. of Special Initiatives, Duke University Philanthropic Values and Leadership Skills
23-Jan-17 Ms. Renee Croteau Program Associate, The Engineering Place, NCSU Engineering Careers and Summer Camps
6-Feb-17 Ibanca Anand Double Honors Senior Candidate , Duke University Innovation and Entrepreneurship
24-Mar-17 Ashwin Punj Senior at Enloe High School , Joining UNC Chapel Hill Declassifying High School and The Art of Winning 
5-Apr-17 Kyla Walters PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Chasing Curiosity: The Academic Life
5-May-17 Dr. Sumitha Ahmed  Resident , School of Dentistry, UNC Chapel Hill  'Quitting: Not on the menu!'

Join NJHS for the 2017-2018 school year

Is your student interested in joining NJHS or NHS? Applications are currently being accepted for the 2017-2018 school year.  

If students are interested in NJHS, and they are an incoming 7th-9th grade student who meets the requirements, please complete and turn in an application by Wednesday, April 26, to Mrs. Finch, in room 141. Applications are available here.

If your student is interested in joining NHS, and they are an incoming 10th-11th grade student who meets the requirements, please complete and turn in an application to Mrs. Favreau, in room 164, by Wednesday, April 26. Applications can be found here. 

Click to enlarge image FLL1.jpg Click to enlarge image FLL2.jpg Click to enlarge image FLL3.jpg Click to enlarge image FLL4.JPG Click to enlarge image FLL5.JPG Click to enlarge image FLL6.JPG Click to enlarge image FLL7.jpg Click to enlarge image Fll8.jpg

Congratulations TMSA Cyber Tigers!

TMSA Cyber Tigers received the Core Values trophy for Gracious Professionalism in the FIRST LEGO League qualifying tournament. Congratulations to all TMSA Robotics Academic Teams for participating in the FLL program! TMSA Cyber Tigers are The Roaranators, Techno Tigers, and Cyber Tigers.


Bebras Computing Challenge Finals Results at Clemson University

Once again, TMSA students have proven they can excel in STEM competitions, no matter how far away from home!

Read more: Bebras Computing Challenge Finals Results at Clemson University

Click to enlarge image Ojasi_5thgrade.jpg Click to enlarge image ojasi.jpg Click to enlarge image ojasi2.jpg Click to enlarge image ojasi3.jpg

TMSA student Ojasi from 5th Grade wins FIRST PLACE

Ojasi from 5th grade won FIRST PLACE at this environmental poster competition held by the city of Morrisville. Congratulations Ojasi!




The TMSA Tiger Band held it's first concert on December 7th.

The TMSA Tiger Band held it's first concert on December 7th. The band performed a variety of musical works including holiday tunes and traditional classical pieces. The concert had a great turn out and showcased the growing talent of 53 beginning band members.


* "The Ivy Leagues colleges are well known for their rich history, academic rigor, long-standing traditions, and deep root alumni and student network. These schools attract students from far and wide. A tour of the Ivy League allows students to visit some of the most demanded travel destinations, such as Philadelphia, PA, and Boston, MA. This tour is sure to excite college bound students for its highest academically challenging institutions and exciting educational stops along the way."

We are excited to announce an upcoming East Coast IVY Leagues Colleges trip for TMSA HS Sophomores! Here at TMSA, one of our goals is to provide diverse and experiential opportunities for our students to grow and learn and to become college and career ready. We have organized a trip for our students that will be both an educational, historical, college bound experience that they are sure to enjoy! 

View the Itinerary on the Google Map

View the Flyer & Permission Slip

Cost: $400 & Payment Options

(If you wish, you can make the payment with two installments as follows)

  • 1st installment $200 including (non-refundable $50 deposit) due by Friday, April 7th.
  • 2nd installment $200 due by April 21st.

Return the permission slip & $50 deposit by Friday, April 7th

Full payment for the trip will be due by Friday, April 21st


Word Verification:

Click to enlarge image IMG_20161118_100807.jpg Click to enlarge image IMG_20161118_100809.jpg Click to enlarge image IMG_20161118_101359.jpg Click to enlarge image IMG_20161118_101402.jpg Click to enlarge image IMG_20161118_101850.jpg

Southwest Dairy Farmer's Mobile Dairy Classroom visits TMSA

On November 18th, the K-5 students had a visit from the Southwest Dairy Farmer's Mobile Dairy Classroom, a traveling milk parlor featuring a live cow and an oral presentation. The students saw a live demonstration on how to milk a cow and an in depth lesson of how milk gets from the cow to the consumer. The students had a great time learning about the importance of dairy foods for good health and the cow milking process. The presenter shared with them an experience that included math, science, health, and agriculture!


module 215

Click to enlarge image HS_School12.JPG Click to enlarge image HS_School16.JPG Click to enlarge image HS_School21.JPG Click to enlarge image HS_School22.JPG


Click here for more photos...

Information Session F.A.Q.

  1. What to do if a parent asks you a question you don’t know the answer to….

    1. Ask them to send their question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  This contact information is on the PowerPoint slide that will be shared in the information session and will also be uploaded on our school website.  Also, refer parents to our F.A.Q. page on our website.

  2. When is the first day of school?

    1. Tuesday, August 22nd

  3. What are the school hours?

    1. Currently our school hours are 8:00 AM-2:29 PM. However, we offer remediation between the times of 2:32 PM -3:17 PM for students that qualify.  We also offer enrichment opportunities between 2:32 PM- 3:17 PM for our 4th-8th grade students.

  4. Do you follow Wake County school calendar?

    1. No, we start earlier than Wake County and our teacher work days and early release days are not all the same.  We do have the same Thanksgiving, winter and spring break as Wake County.  We also end on the same day as Wake County (June 8th).

  5. What is a charter school?

    1. Charter schools are public schools that are approved by the state and run by a nonprofit board. It’s open enrolment for all NC residents and if there are more applications than available spots, then we would have a lottery. Charter schools are tuition free. They are accountable to the state for student academic performances as well as finance of the school.

  6. What makes us a math and science school?

    1. Our curriculum has an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The science curriculum we use is hands-on and inquiry based.  We also have incorporated a STEM curriculum and are working towards becoming a STEM recognized school.  We have several extra-curriculum activities for students to participate in that have a math and science focus.  We have annual science fairs and stem expos that students participate in.  We also offer a variety of options for our advanced learners (middle school students receiving high school credits for Math I, II, and III and in Biology, Physical Science, Earth and Environmental Science).

  7. Does the school provide transportation?

    1. Students can apply for a spot on one of our buses.  There is a fee associated with our buses.  We currently have 4 buses, but will add more if there is a demand.  Buses pick-up and drop-off students at identified stops.  Once students have been accepted to our school, more information will be sent out regarding buses.

  8. Will the school serve lunch?

    1. Students have the option of bringing their lunch or ordering through our caterer.  Once students have been accepted to our school, more information will b 

  1. What is the Tiger T.A.I.L.S. program at your school?

    1. The acronym stands for Time for Activities that Inspire Learning and Success. Tiger Tails is worked into each student’s daily schedule for activities in math, science, reading, technology, and foreign language. It will allow staff members to meet individual student needs in grades 4-8. These classes will stimulate and encourage students, while at the same time provide opportunities to improve their academic skills.

    2. Required tutoring is offered to our students free of charge.  Our after school clubs are paid.

  2. Do you have after school care for students?

    1. Yes, currently Brilliant Minds is our after school care provider.  They are here from 3:00-6:00 PM.

  3. What grade levels are you accepting for the 2017-2018 school year?

    1. K-11th grade, we will be adding a grade level each year until we reach 12th grade.

  4. Will you be expanding the number of homerooms per grade level?

    1. Possibly, this depends physical building space.

  5. If a students is accepted into our school, will their sibling get any preferences?

    1. Siblings have priority. If one child receives an invitation to enroll, then the siblings will move up on the waiting list for their grade.

  6. Will this site be the school's permanent location?

    1. For the 2017-2018 school year we are currently working on separating some of our grade levels.  It has not been determined which age group will leave this building.   If students are moved to a different location it will be in very close proximity to this facility.     

  7. Can we schedule a private school tour?

    1. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate private tours for families.

  8. Will there be another time for us to come visit the school if we are accepted?

    1. Yes, closer to the beginning of the school year we will host a Parent Orientation night.  The purpose for parent orientation is to allow students and parents time to become familiar with our school procedures and to meet their teachers. A separate curriculum night is also held at the beginning of the school year to go over in detail the curriculum that will be covered that year.

  9. What is the enrollment process?

    1. Detailed instructions for how to enroll your child can be located on our school website under the “admissions” tab.  Parents should fill out our online application by March 28th, 2017.  If the number of applications exceeds the amount of openings in any grade level then the school will hold a lottery at 10:00 AM on March 31st, 2017. Parents may come to the school on the day of the lottery or wait for results to be posted online on April 3rd, 2017.

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