TMSA Talks Kickoff: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As the first of many speakers to come, TMSA had the State Chief Risk & Security Officer – Ms. Maria Thompson come to the school and kickoff a new Initiative TMSA talks*.

Ms. Thompson gave a Cybersecurity Briefing on 4th Oct, in honor of October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)**.

Thompson talked about cyber threats and how criminals, state actors, or even cyber terrorists are using techniques like phishing and spear phishing to breach data security in the online world. Some of what our students learned included information about the following:

Another topic covered during the talk was STOP. THINK. CONNECT., a global online education and awareness campaign to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. Students learned to:

*For more info on the TMSAtalks initiative, check out our website,,

**For more info on NCSAM, visit