PLTW: Testing New Kites and Hot Air Balloons

This month at PLTW, students tested out some hot air balloons and kites outside.


In the last month, students in Mrs. Dawes' PLTW (Project Lead the Way) class spent weeks building and testing kites and hot air balloons for their first project. Mrs. Dawes’s students tried various methods of testing out these new projects, such as throwing them off a higher elevated ground, running with them and more.

Students learned that some methods worked better than others, and in the end everyone’s kite and balloon ended up working well. Students got to practice the scientific process, creating a hypothesis about how the kite would help the hot air balloon, testing it out, and then returning to form a new hypothesis at the end. 


-Contributed from Tiger Times by Chibuke Okafor and Shruthi Ananth from 7th Grade