K-3 Wall of Tiger Pride

Each month K-3 teachers will select one student from each class that has shown their Tiger Pride. Winners for each month will have their pictures placed on the Wall of Tiger Pride with a brief description of why they were nominated and what Tiger Pride character trait(s) they exhibited.

September Wall of Pride

All students at Triangle Math and Science Academy are expected to follow the Tiger Pride Rules:

P - Be Proactive

R - Be Respectful

I - Show Integrity

D - Be Determined

E - Exceed Expectations

Our staff members will refer to this as showing our Tiger Pride. We want all of our TMSA Tigers to show their Tiger Pride! All students are explicitly taught what it looks

like to be proactive, respectful, show integrity, be determined, and exceed expectations. Examples of what each expectation means:



September Winners - RESPONSIBILITY:

Ms. Gibbs (K) –Anshika A

Ms. McCarl (K) – Yusra M

Mrs. Sevilla (K) – Ronita S

Mrs. Ernst (1) – Tvisha G

Ms. Hemendinger (1) – Jayden R

Mrs. Tyndall (1) – Zlata Y

Ms. Jackson (2) – Omar E

Ms. Moonier (2) – Shilpa S

Mrs. Smith (2) – Tavishi K

Ms. Hand (3) – Ahalyaa S

Mrs. Lies (3) – Angelus J

Mrs. Rasin (3) – Audrey N