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TMSA High School Students Learn to Build 3D Printer

A group of high school students in AP Computer Science class are building a 3D printer for the last 3 weeks of course. Students are exposed to the fundamentals of 3D printing through building the actual printing by the guidance of two 3D printing expert volunteers form outside of the school. The main goal of this project is to help students to learn at least the basics and essentials of building a 3D printer and enable them to learn how to build one for themselves if they want to.


Although the 3D printer is starting to become a key component in technology, it is a very rare opportunity for freshmen to be able to build this machine hands-on. Before the class could actually start constructing this riveting machine, students are to learn about what they are going to build. It is evident to see that the students were understanding the logistics and mechanics of this machinery, rather than viewing it as an expensive piece of equipment. “ Despite having two experienced helpers and a set of instructions, a majority of the constructing was trial and error. The vague instructions gave the students a chance to not only see where something fits, but why it does. An activity this detailed-orientated is also time-consuming, so they’re still in the process. “ says Zehra one of the students attending the class.

The students are to split into two teams of four and work on different pieces. Later, they plan to join the pieces together and make the final machine. As of now, the frame is built, which is the main supportive structure. Mr. T is excited and proud that Triangle Math and Science Academy gives this unique experience to the high schools students.


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