TMSA Chess Club Students go to State Championship and Triangle Championships

On February 20-21, a group of TMSA students participated in the 2016 NC State Scholastic Chess Championship in Winston-Salem.  On March 12th, these students and more took part in the Triangle Chess Championships in the Raleigh Convention Center. Please read further for more details about the team trophies won and the individual achievements of these great Chess players!



Congratulations to the K-5 Team who came in in 6th place at the K-12 State Championships in Winston-Salem, led by Harvik Kolla, who was the high scorer for the TMSA team. He was backed by team members Sushma Dasari, Revanth Gottipati, and Aarya Paduru Jr.  

Afzaa Rahman was TMSA’s high scorer in her K-8 II division. Below are the results for all of TMSA’s participants in the State Championships.  Great job everyone!

K-8 Div II

Afzaa Rahman – 4.5/7

Nikolas Lewis – 4/7

Rohan Udesh 3/7

K-5                                                                                         6th Team Place

Karvik Kolla – 4.5/7

Sushma Dasari – 4/7

Revanth Gottipati – 3.5


Rishi Gottimukkala – 4/7

Hasini Kanthi – 3/7



Adam Hourani – 1.5/6



TMSA secured 5 trophies in the recent Triangle Chess Championship Tournament which took place on March 12th at the Raleigh Convention Center. 76 schools and 400 students took part in the competition.

Firstly, congratulations to 8th grader, Krishna Pallavalli, who won 1st place overall in the K-8 division with a score of 6/7. He led his team to  2nd place, backed by players Nikolas Lewis, Sarvesh Somasundaram and  Arnold Elamthuruthil. We would also like to give a special mention to 6th grader Nikolas Lewis who cleared the 1,000 rating.

Below is a list of TMSA’s teams, who all took home trophies, and their individual scores from the Championship. Congratulations to Ellyn Kilimo on her 1st Tournament win. Great job, Ellyn! We are proud of all our Chess Players for taking part in the competition.

TMSA                                                                                    Triangle Championship

K-8                                                                                         2nd Team Place

Krishna Pallavalli (1386) 6.0 – 1st Place Overall

Nikolas Lewis (814) 4.5 – 2nd Place/Class F            

Sarvesh Somasundaram (545) 3.5

Rohan Udeshi (782) 3.0

Arnold Elamthuruthil (613) 3.0


K-5                                                                                         3rd Team Place

Harvik Kolla (1153) 5.0 - 2nd Place/Class E

Rohan Vanga (712) 5.0 – 1st Place/Class G

Vedh Maddi (572) 4.0 – 2nd Place/Class H


K-4                                                                                         2nd Team Place

Revanth Gottipati (747) 5.0

Joseph Wan (590) 3.5

Shruthi Somasundaram (463) 3.0

Anton Elamthuruthil (142) 3.0


K-2                                                                                         2nd Team Place

Hasini Kanthi (575) 5.0 - 2nd Place/Class H

Anish Velagapudi (280) 4.0

Mohamed Maard (320) 3.0

Pranav Bhatnagar (109) 2.5 - 2nd Place/Class J


K-1                                                                                         6th Team Place

Akhilesh Kanthi (240) 2.5

Adam Hourani (124) 2.0

Ellyn Kilimo (unr.) 2.0



               As you may know, the Chess club at TMSA was started  4 years back with just 3 students. I am very proud to say that we have grown so much between then and now. We are running 4 different clubs over three days with 80+ students. Last year a handful of well-trained chess players graduated. Now we have a new set of players who are undergoing training sessions to fetch more wins/trophies and to showcase their tiger talents to other players and schools. Our growth is gradual but very steady. It would not be possible without great coaches. We have now three talented coaches - Coach Jeff (Pig) Jones, Coach David High and Coach Sam Priehs who are behind our talent creation. Some new students now have solid foundation for next year.  We are looking forward to new set of challenges. For any chess related queries, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From Samy Subramanian

TMSA Head Chess Coach and Co-Ordinator