Poems from the Weekly Writing Club

I heart Poetry

The Writers Club have been creating some wonderful poems this quarter with the guidance of club facilitator, Alice Hancock. Read on to enjoy their work!

Poems from the Weekly Writing Club



Brownies                                                                   Norton,  my doggie 

Chocolate,                                                                          Sweet, kind

Yummy and sweet,                                               Likes to play, runs a lot, barks a lot

Take it by police or                                                           He can do tricks

please,                                                                                   No, no

When you taste it,                                                            By: Ariane Bernal

You ask for more,

So go…

By Nabhia Ansari


Kind, nice

Giggling, pretending, playing,

Super secret, super powers

True Friend

By: Alish Faraz





It is bright,

It’s hot,

Can’t see it in the night.

Stars come shinning like

The sun.

By: Keyanna Ratnasekera


Snowflake, an Acrostic Poem

S hining snow

N ever stops to blow

O h they are ever so lovely

W hen it falls on the Christmas tree

F alling like soft, white rain

L ooking out of my frosty windowpane

A s these crystals form

K eeping up a big snowstorm

E sha who is me is watching them

By Esha Quazi