Students Create Dojo Monsters

Students in Ms. Jackson's 2nd grade class learned about the importance of a growth mindset, and on how mistakes help us learn. A growth mindset teaches us that anyone can be good at anything; your performance is based on your actions and perseverance. 

They learned about this through a series of videos on the Class Dojo website (a site for behavior management where students earn points for their positive behaviors throughout the day).  Class Dojo is currently holding a contest where students create their own dojo monster.  Students learned about all of the decisions that go into creating an animated character, and then had 2 drafts to create and revise before publishing their final monster.  From all of the national entries, a winning one will be selected to be featured in the next video on the website.  We're crossing our fingers one of us wins, and during the process we learned how to critique our work and get in the growth mindset of learning.