School Bus Safety Poster Winners

Bus Safety Poster WInner 2016

We are proud to announce that two of our TMSA students, Revanth Gottipati, 3rd grade, and Nishanth Gattipati, 8th grade, were winners in the 2015 NAPT National School Bus Safety Poster Competition!

2015 NAPT National School Bus Safety Week
Poster Winners

Division I (Grades K-2)
• First place: Sid Duttala, Grade 2, Sugar Mill Elementary, TX
• Second place: Alden Groff, Grade 1, Alfred-Almond CSD, NY
• Third place: Trinity Perkins, Grade 2, Frankford Elementary School, WV
Division II (Grades 3-5)
• First place: Akshit Rai, Grade 5, Fridley Middle School, MN
• Second place: Calli Lykens, Grade 4, Lewis County Central Elementary, KY
Third place: Revanth Gottipati, Grade 3, Triangle Math & Science Academy, NC
Division III (Grades 6-8)
• First place & Overall Winner: Melia Lafleur, Grade 8, Kapolei Middle School, HI
Second place: Nishanth Sai Gottipati, Grade 8, Triangle Math & Science Academy, NC
• Third place: Jennifer Russell, Grade 6, Creekside Middle School, FL
Division IV (Special Education)
• First place: Samuel Pejack, Grade 5, Mechanicsburg, PA
• Second place: Clayton Boswell, Grade 7, Sandpoint Middle School, ID
• Third place: Ava Fewell, Grade 4, Boulevard Elementary, IN
Division V (Computer Aided Design)
• First place: Brittany Ritter, Grade 11, Sussex Technical High School, DE
• Second place: Alex Porter, Grade 8, West Middle School, CO
Division VI (International)
• First place: Brycin Holland, Grade 4, Sollars Elementary School, APO Japan
The theme for this year’s poster contest — “Bully Free Zone!” — will be the theme of next year’s National School Bus Safety Week from October 17-21, 2016. The theme for next year’s National School Bus Safety Poster Contest is “# Stop on Red!” Poster rules and additional information will be available here.

8th Grade BUS safety poster winner