TMSA Science Fair Results

On Saturday January 9th, the fourth annual TMSA Science Fair was held at our school! We had 103 students in 4th-9th grades participate in the fair, and get judged by scientists from the TMSA community. 

Students in 4th-9th grades had been working on their science fair projects since October. Their projects were due in December. Their science teachers reviewed their projects to choose the top students to move on to the school science fair. These students were judged by scientists and engineers from the TMSA community on Saturday. 

The following students won in their different category. Their place within their category is next to their name:


  1. Amanda Hopkins
  2. Alexandra Kratz
  3. Aarya Paduru

Middle School:

Biology A:

  1. Hishi Ulak
  2. Zayd Ali

Biology B:

  1. Elias Guedira
  2. Anvi Charvu


  1. Courtney McCloughan
  2. Manuela Uppalapati


  1. Afzaa Rahman
  2. Hamzah Ansari

Earth and Environmental Science:

  1. Humairaa Zafiruddin and Samiya AbdulLateef
  2. Marzuq Islam, Kailash Muthu, and Ameen Zafiruddin

Engineering and Technology:

  1. Shishira Somashekar
  2. David Alex Hines

High School

  1. Elias Ramos
  2. Zehra Hassan, Tara Rahman, and Nivetha Karunakaran
  3. Matthew Crowe and Soham Nanavati

They are also eligible to register and compete in the regional science fair, which will be held in Durham at Hillside High School on Saturday February. Congratulations to these winning students and to all students who participated in the science fair! We look forward to another great science fair next year.