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Class Review: Writer’s Workshop

By Melody Ocampo-Rhoades

At TMSA we hardly have electives, but even if we did, I wouldn’t give up Writer’s Workshop for anything. Writer’s Workshop is a first period Tiger TAILS class which is devoted entirely to the freedom of expression, as well as the individual’s growth as a writer. If one is looking for a relaxed time to pour out their heart and soul onto some notebook, then this class is definitely for you.

            When the period begins, our wonderful teacher, Ms. Lanham, often starts off with a brief introduction of general writing tools. These include the use of vivid adjectives, to pause the chronological flow of a piece to describe one event, various writing genres, and more. She will sometimes read student writing samples or portions of books aloud as examples of good writing. On some days, this is followed by a “quickwrite” to encourage the skill of keeping a continuous train of thought. After that, the students are free to work on whatever they wish for the remainder of the period. You can write whatever you want!  Don’t write stories? Then write a narrative! Try an essay, a song, a poem.  You can even create a cartoon or just write a joke you thought was too good to pass up!

         When you are a writer, you can do anything, say anything; you can be anything! The world of language arts is so vast, and the Writer’s Workshop gives students a time to experiment and surpass limits they thought they once had. It’s an abstract field of creativity where all ideas can be elaborated on to become a work of art. There’s only one catch- you must have four finished pieces by the end of the quarter. Would you be up for the challenge? Your mind will never have had so much fun having to think!