Ninth Graders Visit NC State

 9th Grade Field Trip

TMSA Students Looking Forward to Pursuing Higher Education

On October 2nd, the 9th grade students took a field trip to NC State. Our board president, Dr. Gundogdu, help to coordinate the event. The students were able to visit seven different science labs and see demonstrations presented by graduate students. Our TMSA students were able to try their hand at chromatography. They were able to see first hand how chemical reactions produce the light in glow sticks. The goal of the trip was to go beyond just visiting physical buildings on a college campus. We wanted to inspire our students on the kinds of scientific research they can be involved in as undergraduate students. On that note, the trip was a success. The students came back to TMSA even more excited about science and the endless opportunities that they can have as they pursue higher education. 

Nc State trip