Kindergarten News

Kindergarten celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday by having a fun-filled apple day! The kindergartners participated in several different activities with the common theme of apples. Moving down the kindergarten hallway,
students were given the opportunity to: *learn about the "how-to" of making applesauce and taste applesauce in

Mrs. Vaughan's class *hypothesize and answer the question "Does an apple sink or float?" (Spoiler: It floats!) and then build their own creations using apple pieces and toothpicks in Mrs. Sevilla's class *create apple  paintings and class apple trees with real apple print in Ms. Gibbs' class Overall, kindergarten had such a great time learning about apples over the course of this engaging day. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who donated apples and their time. :)

Fireman Steve Edwards visited kindergarten to help us conclude our Community Helpers Social Studies Unit! Fireman Steve told kindergarten all about the daily life of a firefighter and fire safety tips. He even brought his fireman gear and showed students the process of putting on all the parts of the uniforms and how each part protects him from the fire.Thank you again Fireman Edwards for helping educate kindergarten and answer all of our questions!