State Math Contest

Official results of State Math Contest have been announced. TMSA middle school math team participated in State Math Contest’s regional round on April 9th. There were four levels of math; Math I, II, III and Pre-calculus. TMSA competed in Math I, II as a team and Comprehensive (Pre-Calculus) as an individual.

Although it was our first experience , TMSA has ranked 3rd in Math II and ranked 7th in Math I.

In Math II, Ben W. placed 2nd and Matthew N. 11th. , Forrest L. 20th and Ingrid C. 25th.
In Math I, Sam S. placed 10th, Tanay B. 14th, Philip L. 16th.
In Comprehensive, Ben W. placed 3rd.

Since Ben and Sam have ranked in the top 10, they qualify for the state round on April 23rd.

Thanks to my students for their hard work and their parents for their support.

Mr. Yigit