STEM EXPO is Coming!

Dear Parents,

As we call our school  a STEM oriented school, we would like to organize an even bigger  event for this year’s annual STEM EXPO and have our kids to engage with STEM activities between 11am-2pm on May 16th, 2015.The purpose of this event is to expose our kids to  science, technology, engineering and math in real life situations. We will engage our students with preparing and  presenting scientific projects which will also be open to  the public. They will have an opportunity for doing hands-on  activities and experiments in front of everyone who comes to  observe and learn. We will also invite VIP individuals such as  local representatives, senators and other important members of the community from  the Triangle. We are very pleased that we are holding our TMSA Stem Expo for the second  time in our school.


The link below might give you an idea of  what we are planning to organize here at TMSA Campus. 

STEM Festival Link

Date: 5.16.2014

Location: TMSA Campus

Timeline: 11am-2pm

Who can Participate: 4th thru 8th grade students & prospective TMSA students

Who is Invited: It is open to public. Everybody is Invited

Special Occasions: Exotic Animals will be exhibited such python snake, iguana, parrot and etc

Some of the Projects from the EXPO: Hovercraft, Inflatable Lung, Sumo Bot Competition, Airzooka, Dry Ice Experiment, Water Rocket, Solar Panel Car


Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher

Science Olympiad Coach

STEM EXPO Coordinator

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Triangle Math and Science Academy

312 Gregson Dr.  Cary, NC 27511

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