Second Grade Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Second graders had a great time learning about Irish traditions, leprechaun legends, and lucky clovers.

After a visit to the classroom from a mischievous leprechaun named Clover, children read a fiction book entitled "The St. Patrick's Day Mystery."  They learned that one of the legends of the leprechauns is that if you catch one, you get three wishes.  Of course they all wanted to catch one after that, so they put their engineering skills to the test to build traps.  Unfortunately the leprechaun was too sneaky for us and evaded our traps, but did leave behind a few surprises.  We also wrote about what type of mischief we would get in if we were a leprechaun, and we worked with Mrs. Sevilla's kindergarten class to make shamrocks.  It certainly was a memorable St. Patrick's Day!