Math League Contest in DC invites you to participate in our INTER-regional INTERmediate level Series of Educational Competitive Tests, also known as (INTER)2 SECT. This test series, held in March at several locations around the US, is designed to help top students and teams prepare for state and national MATHCOUNTS. Using tests that are comparable in difficulty to state MATHCOUNTS, students compete against each other at one of several regional sites. 

As soon as each contest is completed, results are posted online so students can compare their scores to those of other students they are likely to encounter at state MATHCOUNTS. In addition, once the entire series is completed, students can compare their scores to other students across the nation who will be attending national MATHCOUNTS. We are proud to provide this unique opportunity for students and teams to rank their performance against competitors in other states and hope that this unprecedented level of access to comparative data will help top students and teams prepare for higher levels of MATHCOUNTS competition.

See below for a listing of our (INTER)2 SECT sites for this year. Please note that enrollment in the California contest is by invitation only, but all other sites are open enrollment. Each contest will conclude with a countdown round and an awards presentation. A trophy will also be awarded later in the school year to the top-scoring team from across all sites. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to meet students from other schools and check out how your team stacks up against the competition from around the country!

2015 (INTER)2 SECT Sites

If you have any questions about registration fee, address, and schedule, please see the link below and get contact to Mr. Yigit (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

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