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100th Day

Students at TMSA celebrated the 100th day of school on February 3rd. We had a fantastic time and participated in many activities.

Each class celebrated in their own way, including Kindergarten making t-shirts with 100 items, 1st making a 100th Day trail mix, and 2nd graders making capes with 100 things attached.  That afternoon, students rotated through different hundred themed stations.  They worked on place value and equal groups by making Fruit Loop necklaces with 100 pieces of cereal strung on yarn. Their agility and speed was tested in a relay race using the number 100.  Another activity had them use their engineering skills to build a structure from 100 cups.  Students also got to use their imagination to make pictures of what they would look like when they're 100 years old, and then wrote about what their life would be like in the future.  We all had a great time, and are proud to be 100 days smarter!



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