Ms. Watter’s Corner

Good conduct dress down day will be February 6th, 2015.  Reminder, if your student has received an MIR, Office Referral, or Dress Code Violation within the month of December they will not be able to participate in the February good conduct dress down day. You will receive an email from me If your student can’t participate. Student’s MIR’s and Dress Code Violations start over at the end of each quarter; however, Office Referral’s will remain for the duration of the year.


We are happy to announce that we now have a warning tardy bell to help prevent students from receiving tardies between 2ndand 9th period. The warning bell rings to notify students that they have 1 minute left to get to class before they will be marked tardy.  For daily updates on your students tardies, please check powerschool.

K-3 Updates-


Lauren Watters

Elementary Dean