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Purple Comet Math Contest Results


Here is the score of the top team of TMSA:

Team-1 has received...

The Purple Comet is a free, on-line, international, team mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students conducted annually since 2003. TMSA Algebra I students participated in the Purple Comet math contest. The students have received very good scores. I have created 8 teams from 7th and 6th grade and Mr. Reid 4 had teams from 4th grade students. The contest is Algebra – I  based and the level was very advance. Here is the score of the top team of TMSA:

Team-1 has received 1st place at state level, 8th place at national level;

Team-2 has received 4th  place at state level, 36th place at national level;


Congratulations to all participants !!!









TEAM 1 6th Grade

Ben W



Forrest L

Tanay B

Ravi A

Kabeer K

Neil M

TEAM 2 7th Grade

Hadley B



Nikita F

Bram L

Matthew N

Sam S

Ingrid C


Best Regards,

Mustafa Yigit

Math Teacher and Math Olympiad Coach


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