6C is doing Photosynthesis Experiment

6C is doing Photosynthesis  Experiment

The students who are in Mr. Pamuk’s science class did an experiment about how plant are doing photosynthesis through sunlight.

6C students gained enough knowledge of plants along with equation of photosynthesis and respiration of plants in class. In addition to what they learned in class, they wanted to perform an experiment in order to implement what they learned about the plants. Students provided artificial light and CO2 for the elodea plants in water and started to observe how the plants started to make bubbles which are oxygen  in water. We all enjoyed learning about the plants’ photosynthesis and respiration features. Mr. Bozkurt also had a chance to visit our class during the experiments and shared some of the pictures on the TMSA Facebook and twitter  pages. Thank you and have a nice weekend.


Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher