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6C Estimates Area, Perimeter of Playground

Friday, March 21 was such a beautiful day that I decided to take 6C outside to work on an activity. 

 In class we are working on calculating area and perimeter.  We didn't have any tape measures, meter sticks, etc. so we used our own feet to measure "feet."  We divided the playground into two different rectangles that we felt covered most of the playground.  The class split into two groups and each group measured one of the two rectangles and then compared notes at the end.  In addition, we pretended that we were going to build a bumper car ride that covered the entire playground.

For these purposes we decided that each square foot of floor tile would cost $30.  We also decided that a railing should go around the entire track (perimeter).  Each foot of railing will cost $25.  The goal was to figure out the total cost of building a bumper car ride on our playground.  Here is a list of some of our findings:

Section 1:

- Length = 67 ft, Width = 21 ft

- Area = 1,407 square feet

- Perimeter = 176 ft

- Cost of Bumper Car Floor Tiles = $42,210

- Cost of Outer Railing = $4,400

- Total Cost for Section 1 = $46,610


Section 2:

- Length = 66 ft, Width = 60 ft

- Area = 3,960 square feet

- Perimeter = 252 feet

- Cost of Bumper Car Floor Tiles = $118,800

- Cost of Outer Railing = $6,300

- Total Cost for Section 1 = $125,100


Total Cost for WHOLE Playground = $171,710


That's A LOT of money.  However, we noticed in the textbook they used these same prices, but they measured in METERS.  So, if a meter is approximately 3.3 ft, then we figured we could probably divide the number we got by 3 and get a decent estimate of $57,236.67.  TMSA can afford this, right?

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