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Mr. Pamuk CLP Activities Update

CLP Activities Update

We started off with SAT vocabulary words  and quizzed each other whether we memorized all the words that were assigned over a week. After that we held a leadership meeting with the students . I explained what we expect from our CLP students such as being a role model  student at school with their behaviors as well as with their academic progress.

We told them they are a team player and needs to help one another when they need each other. We also put emphasis on students presentation skills which reminds me of the research saying that people’s top fear is speaking to public. We assigned the students their topics to present in class on Mondays. Dr. Alahari gave a speech during our leadership meeting to young brains saying that what kind of research that he has done in the past. He even made some progress with finding a cure for Breast Cancer. He experimented with mice and came up with good results that he could streamline in 5-10 years to find the cure for people as well. He really inspired the students in a great way and answered their questions. After all, our students played video games and watched movie in socializing time which took longer than expected. After having breakfast, we had a reading book session in the morning, we headed back to the school for SO meeting and we finished our first sleepover chain. We hope to do another one this weekend. We will keep you updated on that.

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