From the Desk of Mrs. Wood

TMSA Families- 

We always want to show appreciation to the teachers!  There is a binder at the front office that has each staff member’s ‘favorite things’ listed.  In case you are looking to give a little something for your child’s teacher, you can look through the binder and see the things that they like.  Or write a note to say how much they are appreciated.  Just a little token of appreciation goes a long way!



Rising 6th graders:

The Tdap vaccine booster is required for 6th grade.  Please click on the link below to find out more. 


Updated immunization records need to come to me.  They can be emailed or dropped off at the front office.


In order for an absence to be excused, a note or emails need to be sent to your child’s teachers.  If your child is a 4th through 7th grader, the note and email should be sent to all teachers, or they may be marked unexcused for that period.


Whenever there is a change in your email, address, phone number(s), etc. please email me with the updates.


Melissa Wood                                                                                                              Administrative Assistant