Mr. Pamuk's 3D-Cell Project

Mr. Pamuk's 3D-Cell Project

Hello Everyone,

 Students who are in my science class have been learning about cell unit which is all about  comparing single cells, functions of organelles inside cell, type of cells, meiosis and mitosis reproductions and their differences and so on.

Currently, we have done with 3D-Cell projects in class and they have done amazing job with creative 3D cell projects. Students will have an opportunity to look at types of unicellular cells such as amoeba, euglena, paramecium and volvox underneath the microscope next week.  We will observe how they move, how they eat, how they look, how they reproduce and their special features. Everybody look forward to seeing these small creatures through microscope next week. We will share images, videos and articles of this upcoming  in-class project as well.

Isa Pamuk

Science Teacher

Science Olympiad Coach