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Mr. Pamuk’s CLP Update!!

Mr. Pamuk’s CLP Update!!

As you know, I have been running Science Olympiad and guiding young generations through CLP program where the goal of the program is to prepare college bound students.

We are getting together with my students and studying SAT Math and Reading with Pre. SAT textbooks.

We are not only having our students to take SAT practice tests in reading and math, but also assigning them seven SAT vocabulary words every week and checking to make sure that they memorized them. We are also assigning them Character Education topics so that they can express themselves easily in public  and improve their presentation skills in front of people. Pamuk’s CLP group is meeting three times a week; Monday’s character education presentations and quiet reading time, Saturday physical activities such as playing dodgeball, tennis, soccer, basketball and etc, and finally on Sundays studying SAT preparations and Science related topics.  We are all having fun and learning together. I have 9 volunteer students who are doing these activities; Nikita Filenko, Harsha Bojjireddy, Aiden Tamton, Marzuq Islam, Kailash Muthu, Forest Liu, Aayush Patel, Ethan Godwin and Safal Wagle.


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