1st Annual TMSA Sudoku Tournament

TMSA's first annual Sudoku tournament took place this past Wednesday, February 26.  The top 20 students from the school competed in three rounds until only three remained.


Sudoku is a logic solving puzzle.  It involves a 9 by 9 grid subdivided into nine 3 by 3 squares.  The goal of the game is to place the digits, 1-9, in the correct squares in the grid.  The trick is the digits must only appear once in each column, row, and 3 by 3 square.

The qualifying round happened in every math class on February 19.  The top two students from each math class were selected to compete in the cafeteria on February 26.  The first eight students to correctly complete the puzzle in the first round immediately moved on to round two.  This time, the students were given a more challenging puzzle and the top four students advanced to the third and final round.  In this round, the most challenging puzzle was given and the top 3 students were awarded a trophy.  All 20 participants were awarded with a certificate of participation.

1st Place: Afif Rahman

2nd Place: Hadley Blalock

3rd Place: Forrest Liu

The first ever Sudoku tournament was a success and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!  We are also looking forward to the "Make 24" competition that will take place in late March--start practicing!