2nd Grade Field Trip


  Second graders visited the City of Raleigh Museum and explored Raleigh in the past, present, and future. 

     took a half day to explore the museum and learn about the history of Raleigh, and how the city has changed over time.  During the Raleigh Past portion we focused on how Raleigh began, how it became the state capitol, as well as past and current local government.  The kids were able to have a mock city council meeting and vote.


    For Raleigh Now, students joined a museum guide in a tour around downtown Raleigh.  They learned about Raleigh's first skyscraper (the Brigg's hardware building where the museum is now housed)and compared them to the current skyscrapers.  They discussed how technology changed so that the current skyscrapers tower over the first city skyscrapers’ 4 stories.

    Finally, the students were able to design their own city for Raleigh Next.  They thought about why they placed the buildings where they did, efficiency of the city, and sustainability of the city.

   We all had a great time learning and reinforcing what we had discussed in social studies!  There was also a temporary exhibit on the civil rights movement that we got to explore.  It was very eye opening for the kids, and was a great springboard for our discussion during Black History Month!